Our Values

Lakewood recognizes and respects the rights, cultures, interests, and aspirations of Indigenous Peoples, and we are committed to building strong and lasting relationships. This commitment is formally outlined in our Policy and also aligns with Lakewood’s core values of integrity and respect.

Our values guide every decision we make as a company and as individual employees. They describe what is most important to us, and set the bar for how we behave in our interactions with society, with our business partners and with one another.


We ensure our own health and safety and the health and safety of our colleagues. We believe it is possible to work without serious injuries. We can achieve our vision of everyone going home safe and healthy every day.


We act responsibly and strive to make a positive contribution to the environment and communities through our activities. Being welcomed where we work demands respect and integrity in everything we do.


We are honest, ethical, and fair in our words and our actions. We honour our commitments and work to maintain our reputation as a partner of choice in all the industries that we work in.


We value diversity and treat everyone with respect. We listen to each other and respect human rights and the unique interests and aspirations of Indigenous Peoples and their communities.

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